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On a sold-out flight, I was given a seat next to an obese woman who was so large that I actually couldn't fit next to her (I'm a short woman, neither skinny nor overweight, ~130 lbs).I had to spend an extra night (and extra $$) and take a plane the next day because the crew was too afraid to ask her to do so.The majority of our last three years traveling have been spent house-sitting, saving us well over ,000 in accommodation costs and allowing us an incredible set of travel experiences we might never had enjoyed otherwise.But this way of travel isn’t just for long-term nomads like us; opportunities are available for all types of travelers.Jobs range from weekends to years in length; our shortest house-sit was nine days and our longest was six months.Many people visiting the Peak District choose to stay in one of the many Cottages that are available to let.I’ve never done it, but Dalene and Pete from Hecktic Travels do it all the time, so I brought them in to talk more about the subject. As I write this, I’m sitting in a comfortable leather recliner in front of three large bay windows.In my view are tall pines covered in healthy green moss and shimmering water from a nearby lake.

A lot of readers were interested in learning more about house-sitting, the method of watching people’s houses while they’re away in exchange for free accommodation.Chart: Compare some of the common airline fees "It's a growing problem, no pun intended," said George Hobica, president of Airfare, a site that is part of Smarter Travel Media LLC, which provides airfare deals and advice. The obese people suffer and the people who are skinny and get spilled over on suffer as well." U. obesity rates have mushroomed during the last 25 years, but the width of a coach airplane seat has changed little, remaining between 17 and 18 inches in most commercial planes.More than one-third of Americans fall into the obese category, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Bookings can be made on multiple travel sites that our embedded searcher uses.This way you can make fare comparison and buy the best service!

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