Accomodating strategy

Instead, the strategy must identify the key needs and issues within the organisation, and provide a framework for addressing these.

This article provides an approach for developing a KM strategy that focuses strongly on an initial needs analysis.

When deciding what approach to use, you must consider the people involved, the culture of your organization, your ultimate goal(s) and the nature of the specific issue of concern.

The avoidance strategy involves staying away from conflict instead of addressing the issue.

An important key to learning how to manage conflict effectively lies with recognizing that there is not just one right way to deal with conflict.

There are five approaches to conflict management, and those who are skilled at dealing with conflict are able to select the technique(s) that work best for the particular situation they are facing rather than sticking with the approach they are most comfortable with all the time.

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Afzalur Rahim points out that "intergroup conflict is inevitable in complex organizations." Further, as the University of Oregon's Holden Leadership Center points out, "conflict is inevitable in any interpersonal relationship." What determines whether or not conflict will have a negative or positive result lies with how it is managed.Furthermore, the Federal Reserve also has the authority to purchase Treasuries on the open market to infuse capital into a weakening economy. The Federal Reserve adopted an accommodative monetary policy during the late stages of the bear market that began in late 2000.When the economy finally showed signs of a rebound, the Fed eased up on the accommodative measures, eventually moving to a tight monetary policy in 2003.It identifies five different styles, or tactics, that people commonly use when faced with a conflict: accommodating, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and competing.Each of the five styles comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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