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At the end of each course, all participants take a final examination, free of charge.

Integration courses are intended for anyone who has recently arrived in Germany and whose German language skills are not yet adequate for dealing with the demands of everyday life.

The language course usually consists of 600 hours of instruction, the orientation course takes 60 hours.

There are special courses for women, parents, young adults up to the age of 27 and other groups.

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Create your personal homepage with a free blog, guestbook, photos and much more.

Whatever your goals or current language level, our award-winning team will help you have the experience of a lifetime. 3-4 months before departure 4-5 months before departure More than 5 months before departure 4-5 weeks ​booked £45 £70 £90 6-7 weeks ​booked £90 £110 £135 8 ...

More info Whether you are studying, working or you just love travelling, these communication-based courses will give you fast and measurable progress with speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The baker down the street even knows what kind of rolls you like for breakfast.

Now you’d like to discuss politics with your colleagues at lunch.

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