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In April 1788, having traveled most of the winter, a group of New England settlers landed on the edge of the newly formed Northwest Territory, just at the point where the Muskingum River merges peaceably with the Ohio (fig. Over the next few years, Marietta, as they named the immigration in honor of Marie Antoinette, would bear witness to the first real wave of settlement west of the Appalachians, as thousands would slide downriver, borne on flatboats they had boarded in Pittsburgh.Newcomers typically disembarked on what became known locally as “the Point,” short for “Picketed Point Stockade,” a fortification constructed on the eastern shore of the Muskingum at the confluence (fig. Although the region, fertile and accessible as it was, seemed poised to draw a steady stream of settlers, “Indian troubles,” which would not be truly put to rest until the signing of the Treaty of Greenville in 1795, prompted many westward-looking immigrants to drift by in favor of the growing cities of Cincinnati, Louisville, and Saint Louis.Taking a different name makes a statement.”Last year, the 48-year-old Aussie singer announced she’d like to marry British actor Joshua Sasse, 29, in her home town of Melbourne.The couple met on the set of Joshua’s TV show This will be the first wedding for them both.

Who cares about the 20 year age gap, feast your eyes on his best bits...Early residents must have found life in Marietta filled with incongruities and contradictions.The muddy little river town grew steadily, with records showing the population in 1800 at around 500 (a number that increased to 1,500 by 1806) and about 5,400 in all of Washington County.She's career-driven too, and owns her own beachwear brand, Bikini Reef, which she runs with her triplet sisters.As well as his famous family, Jessica Wright's brother is regularly pictured with the TOWIE lot, including James 'Arg' Argent.

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