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The concept is said to have been founded by the Austrian scientist Karl Landsteiner, who found three different blood types in 1900.

This question will inevitably surface if your kid lives and goes to school in the Japanese community.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the personality traits are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Japan is in the grip of a blood type obsession, with an increasing sector of the population subscribing to the theory that blood types determine every aspect of personality, temperament and interaction with others.

So, if you have a chance, find out what blood type you are and see if the traits match your personality.

Recently, I also found something that might attract Asians who enjoy looking for ways to analyze characters.

In the bestselling series, there’s one book for each of the blood types, which are categorized as follows: Psychologist Satoru Kikuchi at Shinshu University argues that all this blood type hubbub is “sham science…the idea encourages people to judge others by their blood types…It’s like racism.” So is she right?

As we’ve learned, blood type is determined by genes.

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One of the most popular methods in Japan that is gaining popularity around Asia is blood type analysis . However, in this analysis, the Rh factor does not come into play, they are only concerned what type you are. Similar to other horoscope systems, blood type also has charts that indicate compatibility.And we know genes influence personality: As molecular biologist Dean Hamer told , “You have about as much choice in some aspects of your personality…as you do in the shape of your nose or the size of your feet.” Still, just because your blood type is linked to your genes and your genes play a role in your personality, it doesn’t necessarily mean that blood type and personality are connected.So while the Japanese series probably makes for a good read, we’re gonna say that it’s safe to conclude that having AB blood doesn’t make you an artist, (though the phrase “Type A” must come from somewhere).Now do you recall all those biology classes…that blood type is inherited? According to the Racial and Ethnic Distribution of Blood Types these are the breakdown of blood type percentages in various countries: This is a fun chart to check out so please have a look. My memory isn’t too good so I found this chart at Issendai’s Lair Just by looking at this, if you’re AB, you get along with everyone!When I was growing up, there were a few common knowledge characteristics, but depending on which book you read, these can vary…please take this with a grain of salt. Just by looking at the numbers, it is interesting to see so few B’s and AB’ s in the U. I remember we used to enjoy discussing blood types to find a suitable boyfriend or husband.

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