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Year Symbol Chart ( Types of Buck Knives (com) Camillus Tang Stamps and Dates ( Camillus Tang Stamps circa 1915-1946 -A WORK IN PROGRESS (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) The Tang Stamps of Adolph Kastor, Camillus and Their Cutlery Relatives (Knifeworld) Street Cutlery (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Carl Schlieper German Eye Works (straightrazorplace.com) Case College Tang Stamps ( Case Tang Stamps ( Identifying the Age of a Case Knife (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) The Case XX – Secret Code (Shepherd Hills Collectors Club) Case XX Folding Knife Tang Stamp Dating Video (You Tube) The History of W. Case & Sons and Related Companies (iknifecollector.com) Case Factory Knives ( Case Factory Pattern Number Reference Guide (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Case Knives (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Old Case XX “Family” Tang Stamps (Trent Rock’s flickr page) Cattaraugus Knife Numbering System (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Cattaraugus Knives (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Great Eastern Cutlery (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Imperial Tang Stamp Chart ( Old Imperial Tang Stamps (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Kershaw Markings on 1050 ( Puma Knives ( Puma Knives Dating (Puma Knife Man) Queen Cutlery Tang Stamps ( Queen City Tang Stamp (Terry Truett’s Photobucket) Google Book Review of American Premium Guide to Knives and Razors: Identification and Value Guide (Google Books) The History of Queen (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Remington Tang Stamps (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Remington Knives (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) Remington Scout Knives (ibdennis.com) Remington Knives (AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) History of the Robeson Cutlery Co.

(AAPK-All About Pocket Knives) History of the Robeson Cutlery Company ( Roberson Cutlery Straight Razor ( Robeson Tang Stamps (CANoyes Photobucket) Schrade Tang Stamps ( Schrade Cut.

Puma Knives For Sale |Randall, Lile, Other Knives For Sale |Puma's Not For Sale E Mail Me | History of Puma Knives | Puma Steel Chart Puma Knife Dating Chart | Collecting Guide #1 | Collecting Guide #2 If you have a Puma, Randall, or Lile Knives you would like to sell, please contact me.

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Production knives from 1973 to 1985 bear a model number as well as the BUCK and the U.

Gutmann catalogs are considered advertising for Puma.

If there is a knife you are looking for, and it is not shown, E mail me, I may have not listed it yet.

OK, Everyone with with a Black scale slipjoint listen up for aging lesson. and there will be two rivets on the scale, SMALLER than the middle spring rivet and it will have a model number on reverse. After that you will see BUCK, model # ( NO date code), U. And the date code for 86 was ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTIONThe dot date code system for Buck does not apply except for the 110/111/112 family of knives. I came into a Buck 112 that I would like to know when it was made. I had trouble figuring out the dating system as described in BRK's book.

Schrade made the Buck 301 and 303 the first few years of production. Everything else is either dated by differences of manuf. Please do not think you have a knife older than 74 because it has no dots.....truth it probably is a 1990s knife...... Thanks Stockmani have a 701 mustang that is in a leather bound box with the main blade of running mustangs etching by aurum.

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