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For example, if you wanted to find a specific membername in the database, you would add a query to your existing Table Adapter and modify the SQL to be: SELECT emid, groupid, memberid, (SELECT groupname FROM table1 WHERE groupid = table3.groupid) AS groupname, (SELECT membername FROM table2 WHERE memberid = table3.memberid) AS membername FROM table3 WHERE memberid = @memberid and you would need a Drop Down List with the Values=memberid and the Display=membername.You can use the first query (listed in my first post) to fill the Drop Down List, or you could create a new query that only returns the data you need (for performance reasons) like this: SELECT emid, memberid, (SELECT membername FROM table2 WHERE memberid = table3.memberid) AS membername FROM table3 I find Table Adapters to be very useful, easy to create and easy to use.For more information about the overall VSCode C/C experience you can refer to our original blog-post and documentation which has been updated w.r.t. Please help us by continuing to file issues at our Github account and keep trying out this experience and if you would like to shape the future of this extension please join our Cross-Platform C Insiders group where you can speak with us directly and help us on this venture.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.You must manually update the local copy of your assembly versions by copying the assembly versions from the You may also disable the update prompt for this project or for all projects.Refer to Disabling the Measurement Studio Dialog Box Prompt for more information.Hi, I use gridview in visual studio 2005 to get list of records from the sql database (using dataset). This linkbutton was generated from visual studio 2005 . but, How to implement them (update and delete record). Code examples in VB and C#: Startv20/aspnet/doc/ctrlref/data/The last example should be verry usefull for you cause it shows how the update works... but the example only do updating and deleting in one database table. One direct way is to create a Data Access Layer (excellent article here) that pulls together the info you need, and it will provide the Update statements for I want to update or delete record in the gridview. the data information for my gridview is from three database table. The Data Access Layer is made up of 1 or more Table Adapters.

Along with the inclusion of the new Windows 10 Creators Update SDK, we made several improvements, such as an updated .Xamarin Workbooks provides a blend of documentation and code that is perfect for experimentation, learning, and creating guides.In this update, we’ve added support for C# 7 with Roslyn 2.0.original title: CANCELLING WHILE UPDATING If Windows is updating an optional program that's taking too long (say, 50% done)..I simply CANCEL it and TURN OFF PC altogether.When I return and turn the PC on will there be 50% left of the update or the update must begin from scratch???

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