Catchy dating slogans

The youth pastor or the pastoral staff may determine the name.Deciding the name can also involve a current youth group member.I received over 350 domain name candidates in just a few days, most of them on the first day.

Instead of sticking with a traditional name, use this selection of creative names to help set your group apart.

The youth pastor can determine the most appropriate name out of the suggestion box or combine elements of various suggestions to come up with a unique name.

Hosting a contest can be fun both for initial start up youth groups and current groups renaming.

Some slogans for Coca-Cola have concentrated on the quality of the product, its refreshing taste, or even its role in entertaining, as in 1948's "Where There's Coke There's Hospitality." In 1985, the introduction of a new taste of Coca-Cola (commonly called new Coke® ) and the reintroduction of Coca-Cola classic and the original formula led to multiple slogans.

1985 featured "America's Real Choice," while by 1986, two slogans were used to differentiate the brands, with "Red, White & You" for Coca-Cola classic and "Catch the Wave" for Coca-Cola.

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