Chat rooms for siblings with young adults with disabilities

Siblings of Autism has a long-term goal of helping to develop programs to connect and support siblings of individuals on the spectrum via shared experiences, peer group support, and funding for professional counseling.The aim of discussion activities is to acknowledge siblings’ unique experiences and feelings by providing a discussion opportunity, away from the family.Special Needs Ontario Window and Adults Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD) has four primary objectives: 1) to maintain a support network for parents who have children with ADD and adults with ADD; 2) to provide a forum for continuing education of parents, professionals, and adults with ADD about the disability; 3) to be a community resource for information about ADD; and, 4) to make the best educational experiences available to children with ADD so that their specific difficulties will be recognized and appropriately managed within educational settings.Down Syndrome This site offers a number of links to information about Down Syndrome including educational resources, worldwide organizations, essays, and recommended books.Our family support chat room covers a range of topics - you can chat with other parents, get emotional support during pregnancy, or discuss issues you're having with your own parents, siblings or other problems with relatives.In our family support room, we have regular group support sessions where we discuss how to handle family stress.Families can be a place of love and support, but it is not uncommon to suffer from family stress at some point in your life.

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I also think if you are able, then to set up say an annual time when you would be present for an annual review of her goals is also appropriate.

Disability Specific Links Active Living Alliance for Canadians with Disabilities Arthritis Society is a national organization whose website provides information about many types of arthritis, their treatments, management tips, programs, services, support groups and much more!

Autism Institute on Peer Relations and Play offers a guide to families, practitioners, researchers and others seeking to address the unique and complex challenges children on the autism spectrum experience in peer relations and play.

The dynamics in my household while growing up were at times overwhelming.

It was difficult to watch, and even more difficult to understand given that I was so young.

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