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In one kilogram of soil, the potassium-40 amounts to an average 370 Bq of radiation, with a typical range of 100–700 Bq; the others each contribute some 25 Bq, with typical ranges of 10–50 Bq (7–50 Bq for the It is well known that some plants, called hyperaccumulators, are able to absorb and concentrate metals within their tissues; iodine was first isolated from seaweed in France, which suggests that seaweed is an iodine hyperaccumulator.

Synthetic radioisotopes also can be detected in silt.

A sample from a bedrock strath carved by the Río Grande into basalt yielded a surface exposure age of 17±1ka. PY - 2014Y1 - 2014N2 - The Payún Matru volcanic field encompasses more than 12,000km2 in the west-central Argentine province of Mendoza.

(1989), which suggests that the closer a site is to Sellafield, the higher is the concentration of plutonium in the silt.This volcanic hiatus is similar in duration to that observed in the Canary Islands. The northwestern part of the field, called Los Volcanes, includes multiple basaltic lava flows and numerous cinder cones and scoria fields.The post-collapse flows have exposure ages ranging from 62 to 11 ka.The analysis of multiple flow tops on each lava flows, often at different elevations, provides an internal check for age consistency and the exposures ages conform with stratigraphic level.

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