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WATCH: Does Playing A Gay Character On ‘Glee’ Affect Darren Criss’ Dating Life?

"No one's getting out of 'Glee' without a happy ending," Darren teased.

There was no shortage of memorable moments at the 2017 Grammys tonight — whether it was the fashion or performances, fans were tweeting up a storm during the awards show. It's no surprise that celebrities often own the things we covet — but since we average Joes would rather not blow 0 on an i Phone case, there are some cheap alternatives that still make excellent...

The Glee series finale may have aired over a year ago, but the cast is still as close as ever!

"I was given the Green Lantern ring in so far as, I was given something extraordinary that was much bigger than myself," he said.

"Like this is gonna mean something to people and you go, 'OK, I hope I don't mess this up.' And so when people come up to me and say, 'Hey, that character did it a lot for me or had an impact on my life,' I can't help it and I say, 'Me too man.' It's something that's really changed all of us and I feel privileged to have gotten to put on that sort of super hero outfit for other people." So will the Fox series live up its name when it comes to how the show will end?

They may not have gotten a seat at the Oscars, but these stars are enjoying Hollywood's biggest night with the help of Elton John and Vanity Fair's annual viewing parties! It's hard to believe that the series finale of Glee aired nearly six-months ago!Brown as Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden of the prosecution, respectively, and by Courtney B. Its second season will be related to Hurricane Katrina, and will - like the third season revolving about the Versace murder - be broadcast on FX sometime next year.Per WWD, the Versace brand have insisted that they've 'neither authorized nor had any involvement whatsoever in the forthcoming series about Versace.The Flash/Supergirl musical episode titled "Duet," airs on Tuesday, March 21st.The special episode will also feature performances by Broadway's Jeremy Jordan and Jesse L.

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