Dating 2 men at the same time

This goes beyond messaging them on Facebook, texting them, or hitting someone up on Tinder. I think on the whole, meaningless sex on paper makes sense for some people. What starts off as a fun, non-intimate fling often grows into something more, which is why communication is obviously key.

If you're dating more than one person at a time and this has gone on for a while, maybe, just maybe, it's gotten to the point where you need to make a choice.

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In principle for the age group I'm talking about, part of me understands the inclination for such an arrangement.

Oh, what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive. The situation was out of control when you first stayed with your unfaithful ex. Sure, others will drive us crazy if we let them, but 99.9% of the time we hand over the car keys.

What should you do before the situation gets out of control? Control ran for the hills when you sank to his level by cheating on him, and it disappeared altogether when you resumed contact behind your new boyfriend’s back. The backstory as to why you are deceiving your current love is just that – a fairytale.

There comes a time in everybody’s dating career when your dance card suddenly becomes fuller than you know what to do with.

One day, you’re swiping sullenly through Tinder bemoaning the lack of attractive, normal-seeming men that are possibly as tall as they say they are in their profiles, and the next, you find yourself drafting a spreadsheet to keep track of the nine dates that you have somehow booked for one week. Like all things in life, your dating life will ebb and flow.

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