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There's the first date, the awkward silences and the odd 20-something years to catch up on.But imagine if you could just streamline the process by, I don't know, handing each other a resume outlining your best attributes. Joe Adams — a self-proclaimed 'lover of breakfast foods and puppies' — said he asked a girl out on a date but was taken back when she laughed and asked to see his credentials.

And I've gotta say -- it DOES have something to do with their looks.So if you're a Bo Derek-solid 10, here are reasons why you should consider dating someone who's a Dudley Moore...or someone at least marginally less attractive than you.but I, too, have dated my fair share of Salman Rushdies.I've welcomed men into my bed who were short, fat, or balding (sometimes all three), while I, thankfully, am none of those things.

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    They’re having problems like they never thought possible." Media reports, including Politi Fact, noted that no terrorist incident transpired in Sweden Feb. (We rated the statement False.) A White House spokeswoman later told CNN Trump was referring to "rising crime and recent incidents in general and not referring to a specific incident." The day after the rally, Trump tweeted that he was referring to a Fox News report concerning immigrants and Sweden.

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    Of course, they were limited by the technology available at that time.