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For the current article, a number of interviews were conducted with couples where only one spouse is Armenian.

The interviewees included both, those where the husband is Armenian and those where the wife is Armenian. The information shared here is only the comments of the Armenian spouse, and comments shared without the presence of the non-Armenian spouse.

MY opinion is that White people are most accepting I have not met a White person who isn't in approval of ANYONE DATING ANYONE I have met many Black people who do not agree, many Indian, Pakistani and other Asian groups who are not tolerant NOTE: This is not me trying to suggest the above is a fact, it's my opinion! Black females are more accepting to see Black female and white male.Black females are less accepting of black men with white females.Black men aren't accepting of black females and white men.Their comments are written from the first person singular perspective to reflect more of their expressions and presence.When I began looking for a spouse, I was looking for an Armenian one because my grandparents and parents had always told me that I should marry an Armenian.

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