Dating during divorce with children

The main rule of dating during divorce is to use good judgment in introducing children to new partners.

Your children - especially young children - have enough to process during this confusing time.

They need to adjust without wondering if they are getting a new mommy or daddy or why a stranger is staying at their house.

What better to take your mind off your misery, and boost your flagging self esteem, than a few dates with someone who is actually interested in you?

Here are 7 good reasons why you might want to hold off on dating until you have put your divorce behind you. Dating during divorce can negatively affect your ability to settle your case.

It doesn’t matter that your spouse cheated on you 1,000 times while you were married, and this is the first time you have even considered going for coffee with someone else.

No one cares that your divorce case has dragged on for well over a year.

And, if one of those “dates” leads to a more serious romance, so much the better!With that said, you should be considerate of your ex and of your children.You need to understand that, even if you feel like a new relationship is no big deal, your ex and children will likely disagree.If you have either been served with divorce papers or are considering divorce, it is very important that you have high quality legal representation. It can further fuel the anger of the former spouse, which can make the divorce process more difficult emotionally.

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