Dating dyslexic girl

However, there are some very strange behaviours that she has displayed that I keep pondering about.I try not to think about it too much but I can't help it, and would love your opinions/advice.Then I thought, "Well, maybe Dyslexia is always having to say you're sorry". Because of this, I so routinely apologized that the apology became automatic. Secondly, this process hurts our self image because we know that the apologies are not genuine.

Non-dyslexic partners were surprised by how much their dyslexic partner’s relied on daily routines to survive. Saying all of these things, her creative childlike mind I love so much, I find her attractive, I find her randomness (which I assume is part of her ADD) exciting and fun and overall, I feel like I am falling in love with her. Without sounding vain, people say that I'm an attractive person, and I find her very attractive as well, although no noe else seems to think so (which I find bewildering). She can't spell and never made it past GCSE's, only learnt to read at age 14.However, I'm fine with entering a relationship early, it's just a word... I feel like I've been slowly introducing it to her, putting my arm around her as we walk, holding her hand etc. She never ever asks me questions about myself, and seems to have a very limited attention span when i talk about my experiences, but if I ask her questions about herself she will give me a lecture about it, and seems to get really engaged.although I'm not used to being in one so quickly, especialy since we hadn't even kissed when she suggested it. Although I do like this as I am interested in her, it does make me wonder how she can feel shes in a relationship with me when she doesnt actualy know much about me at all?

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