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I'm assuming you're doing this for idea validation or business proposal.Would advice to reframe the questions from the multiple choice format and leave it more open ended because current questions will give you a bias data set. Do you feel secure with online payment for the dating app or online dating?My SQL FULLTEXT search works, but it's not designed to scale well.We were an early adopter of v Bulletin 4 and our test environment didn't test real-world use of the search function properly.* 1) Yes , can call bank to stop transaction and the current app or online dating service got a good security 2) No , i am afraid being hack In this question, the person who answers is having a hypothesis imposed upon them that it has to be 1) or 2).

Thought maybe joining an online dating site might be a good way to meet some cuties around the area while I'm down here. We talked off and on for months after my two week fun on there was over and finally went to get drinks.

Such a thing will cause your hypothesis to be inaccurate.

If you leave it open ended, you can get more accurate data sets and answers.

If you are asking that question, chances are you don't need to.

If the search system built into v Bulletin 4 works well for you, keep using it.

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