Dating in the dark application form

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__________ How many kitchen appliances will you keep on your front porch? _____________ Does your wife weigh more than your pickup? Yes ___No___ How many cars do you have jacked up on blocks in your front yard? _________ Are you married to any of the following: _______Sister _______Cousin ________Sow Do you know her name? ____Randy Travis ____Ray Wylie Hubbard ____Tammy Wynette ____Slim Whitman ____Porter Wagoner ____Willie Nelson ____George Jones ____Box Car Willie Favorite Recreation Square Dancin' ____Possum Huntin' ____Skinny Dippin' ____Craw Daddin' ____Gospel Singin'____ 4-Wheelin' ____Drankin' ____Spittin' Backy ____Bill Chip Throwin' ____Honky Tonkin' ____ Noodlin' ____Other Name of son(s): Bubba _______Jim Bob _______Lee Roy ______J. Name of Daughter(s): Pammy Sue ______Violet ______Paulette _____Daisy Weapons owned: _____Deer Rifle _____Sawed-off Shotgun _____Varmit Rifle _____Log Cabin _____Tire Iron _____Power Chain Saw _____Pick Handle _____Hick'ry Switch Number of Dogs:_____ Type:_____Blue Tick ______Black & Tan _______Beagle _______Bird Dawg Cap Emblem: _____John Deer _____Mc Cullock Chain Saws _____Budweiser _____Vo-Tech _____Skoal _____Coors _____NAPA _____Smile If You're Not Wearing Underwear Number of Dependants: _______Legal _______Claimed Number of Weeks Unemployed:__________ Number of Welfare Checks Received:_________ Memberships: KKK ___NRA ___Moose ___PTL Club ___AA ___Bass Club ___VFW ___Quiltin' Bee ___American Legion ___ United Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy ___John Birch Society Length of Right Leg:__________ Length of Left Leg:___________ Does your truck contain some part painted the official state color of Primer Red?· MAYBE PEOPLE JUDGE YOU BEFORE THEY GET TO KNOW THE REAL YOU?IF YOU’RE SINGLE AND BASED IN THE UK THEN THIS TV SHOW COULD HELP YOU FIND THE PERFECT PARTNER.

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