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yes, if you want arabic/farsi languages with default keyboards, you don't have another i think you can install and use (any soft keyboard) from market with language packs "anysoftkeyboard.apk" or others keyb with lan packs Hi, I tried to install arabic/farsi on my Super Rom V3 but it didn't work, the arabic langage isn't available, I need it just for reading not really to have arabic keyboard, I fashed Genius.Auteur : Developed in partnership with Gerip, by Canadian university researchers in psycholinguistics, Labbel has been created within a linguistic framework that takes into account the characteristics of oral and written Arabic.can manually copy over system/app via adb or root explorer.Remember set correct permission(644): T9Mirror: To String("hh:mm tt"); // this show Pm var res2 = d. you can change between different format on windows control panel under windows regional and language - current format (combobox) and change...apply it do a rebuild (execute) of your app and watch what iam talking who can I force showing Am and Pm Words in English event if the culture of the current system isn't set to English ?easy just by adding two lines : - using default English Format.

This is where we discuss all things related to translating Word Press.If you want to help in managing and validating translations, please make sure to get in touch with the existing language team first. Your first post may take a while to show up, as it is moderated. First post(This Post): [MOD]Arabic/Farsi Language Support arabic/farsi SWYPE Second Post: Arabic/farsi SWYPE (Swype 3.9) (Themed SWYPES) Post # 27: Arabic/Farsi supported Swipe To Remove Notifications and Much More: Post # 28: Arabic/Farsi Supported (ICS Swipe to notificaton by tarunagg) ----------------------------------- Hi Guys.i made flashable Arabic/Farsi Language Support For Deodexed Roms.(i think we can make this for other versions easy, must test) ------------------------------- (HOW TO)Manual Install: ------------------------------- ENJOY rar file i uploaded is include samsung keyboard Ax T9with tarunagg ICS theme BUT with arabic/farsi support.

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