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The couple has been able to adjust to a multitude of changes since high school and the NFL is just the next step in the process for them. North Dakota State offensive coordinator Tim Polasek spoke to CBS Sports about Wentz insane work ethic and dedication to spending time with his girlfriend.

“I told the NFL scouts, if you ask him to work 60 hours, he’s going to work 80 hours.

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The spotlight was not always this big for Carson Wentz and Melissa Uhrich.

In the months leading up to the draft, Wentz began climbing up draft boards.

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In that off time, he’s going to be with his two companions — his dog and he’s got a significant other,” Polasek told CBS Sports.

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Aside from attending his pro day, Uhrich has remained out of the spotlight as she finishes school at Concordia College. So much so, that it has even interfered with date night.

As Wentz moves on to the NFL, it will be increasingly hard to stay out of the limelight. According to ESPN, Uhrich had to take away his phone on date nights. She caught him watching game film under the dinner table.

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