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‘If you were to ask David, he would say the one thing about me that he finds most frustrating is that I can’t completely let go and just enjoy my life,’ she concedes with a wry smile.It is 10am and as I settle with Polly in the sitting room of their spectacular seafront home in Hove, near Brighton, I find myself thinking that David has a point.Meanwhile, Gilmour worked odd jobs to support himself and with two other ex-Jokers Wild bandmates, tried forming a new group in France in 1967; once again, success eluded them. With 3 of the original 4 founding members of Pink Floyd gone – Syd Barret left in 1968 and died in 2006; Roger Waters left in 1985; and Rick Wright died in 2008 – Gilmour confirmed in 2015 that Pink Floyd will not be reuniting.Below, Jokers Wild in 1965, from left: David Gilmour, Dave Altham, John Gordon, Tony Sainty. In addition to his duties as lead singer and guitarist for Pink Floyd, over the years David Gilmour had also worked on a variety of side projects with other musicians and bands such as Elton John, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Who, Levon Helm, Bryan Ferry, and others.Miss Samson then added: ‘This generation will be so alienated and they’re the ones who will be paying for our dotage.’ Yesterday she said hate mail has been sent to the home she shares with Dave Gilmour, 65, and their other sons Joe, 16, Gabriel, 14 and daughter Romany, nine.Mr Gilmour has four children from a previous marriage.For David, the world is largely a place of sunny uplands.For Polly, there is always the risk of storm clouds on the horizon.

A court heard the Cambridge history undergraduate was ‘out of his mind’ on a cocktail of LSD, Valium and whisky when he also attacked Prince Charles’s convoy during the tuition fee protests in London last December.

On the track, following a long, piano-driven introduction, a sample of Wright's voice is heard speaking before Gilmour launches into the song.

"We've missed Rick as a friend, as a person, but I think it was at the point that you realized exactly what you'd lost in terms of music, you know, 50 years of reading each other's musical minds and what came out of that," Samson said to Gilmour, noting that the guitarist and keyboardist shared a musical "telepathy." Gilmour reiterated once again that Pink Floyd's story concluded with their 2014 swan song .

() The tide began to turn for David Gilmour in December 1967 when he was back in England – Nick Mason asked him to join Pink Floyd as their guitarist. A gifted musician, in addition to guitars, Gilmour plays many instruments including keyboards, synthesiser, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, drums, and saxophone.

Shortly after, Syd Barrett (who had mental health issues, perhaps because of LSD use) left the group and Gilmour began sharing lead vocals for Pink Floyd with Roger Waters and Rick Wright. David Gilmour commented to The Telegraph in 2015, about aging: “I can’t relate now to the dedication and religious fervour of youth.

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