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Derek and the Pack help him find the killer and a family. Or Stiles believes a Werewolf killed his best friend but everyone thinks he’s crazy.

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Aside from a brief appearance by George Murdoch, there's barely a wrestler in the film.

Great Hungry actors actresses and scenery filming locations though out the movie eastern europe takes place in Russia and into Ukraine, High school students wrustling missed there real train ride and not knowing a lady doctor offers them tickets ride on their train,and later one by one all disappear 4 student 2 teachers & No where to hide on the from the doctors harvisting human organs for transplants to sick people on the same train waiting to be helped and healed and later in a hospital near the end of the rail road line, great movie horror film even if it did not get many stars at all maybe 1 needs 2 and a half or 3 I feel. Just totally improbable, doesn't make sense, no, no, no.

I kept thinking one of the Americans was going to be secretly a bad guy, but it didn't seem so. I give it two start instead of one because the first twenty five minute or so were actually pretty good, but after that, just forget it.

Faced with an incredibly dangerous anonymous murderer, a pack of lowlifes quickly realize that they are locked into a struggle with someone even worse and far deadlier than themselves.

Travelling through backwoods America, a pretty young couple are attacked and kidnapped by a violent gang of local hillbillies.

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