Disgusted by her dating

Note: All characters in all my stories are over the age of 18. ***** She'd messaged him online after noticing his username "Black Stallion666", something had attracted her to the cocky, arrogant yet subtle twist about his online persona.

Leanne typed out a quick message and before long he'd responded with not one, but four replies.

Thanks Sam, I always appreciate constructive criticism and very open to hearing peoples honest opinion of my views. I dont feel this way because of a belief that past guys were better than me etc. I can handle being with a woman who has had lots of sex with one man over and over in every possible way for 10 years, but not so many different guys... i wonder, what comes across as being vain in my original statement? Yet, as your title says, if you can't live without her, then there is no decision to be made. I dont have any issues with women wanting to have as many partners as they would like, but to let a woman into my heart, i have an intrinsic value that goes against that.i am concerned that i may never be able to change these values, and worried that deep down, i will always see her as being just a little less than perfect for me. If yes, ok, so, what do you think would be an acceptable number? but neither do i want to be with a woman who has slept with so many men. what has been left sacred for us to share that some other **** didnt already do to her.Soon he'd admitted he was cheating on his girlfriend and had hatched a scheming plot of revenge on her yet was fucking her anyhow until his scheme came to fruition.This should have been enough for Leanne usually to use the block function on her messaging service.but how can i ever respect her to know that she let 44 guys sleep with her..im trying really hard to change my mind about this because i honestly dont think i will ever love a woman as much as i do her. I guess this never was an issue with us, because it never came up.

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