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An extra-time goal by Portugal's Eder meant there were no repeat scenes on 1998 when hundreds of thousands of celebrating French fans descended on the Champs-Elysées to celebrate their team's World Cup victory on home soil.While defeat in the Euro 2016 final in Paris on Sunday night denied the French their moment to celebrate, it was of course a reason for the country's 1.2 million strong Portuguese community to revel in - especially the 600,000 in the Paris region.(Another interesting factoid is that this is the prison where the assassin of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, whose murder set off WWI, was incarcerated.) Following Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939, the garrison town of Terezin would also prove to be the perfect place for the Nazis who, in 1940, modified the political prison known as the “Small Fortress” into a police prison for the Gestapo to interrogate, torture and imprison its enemies.The town of Terezin itself, called the “Big Fortress,” met the Nazi requirements for a Jewish ghetto since it was surrounded by thick ramparts which would facilitate guarding of the prisoners.

(AFP) "Things turned sour later in the night when youths, who were not carrying Portugal flags, began antagonizing the police.

Alternatively, they are also eligible for visa on arrival via Land Border Arrival or via air/seaport.

For non-Indonesian/Portuguese travellers who are entering Timor Leste though Land Borders, they have to arrange for a Visa Application Authorization prior through a Timor Leste embassy or consulate.

Barry Chattington, 65, moved to Cascais in Portugal with his family.

He says: ' As well as the good weather, one of the things when you move abroad is you get away from the whinging, moaning British, which is refreshing.

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