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Gaia Online is a virtual community with a forum but most importantly it's a free virtual world for teens. You will probably want to earn some Gaia Gold so that you can make your avatar look awesome.

The world itself is in English but the site has communities of many other languages. You choose everything, face, hair, skin colour, clothes. Money can be earned by being active, like posting on the message boards, playing games or doing just about anything.

You can also have a house for your friends to visit and a car to drive around.

You can trade items with others or make new friends by giving some of your old stuff away. Unfortunately there is no chat history feature, so you need to pay close attention to what is being said around you.

Build up your own business in this exciting idling game that’ll have you engaged for hours.

Unlock different types of weed as you progress through the game to get higher earnings.

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Here is a list of best virtual life games, that we found online.

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Create tons upon tons of different structures to help your town prosper.

Play with friends and visit each other’s towns to help out whenever necessary.

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