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The eight-day Woodstock Fruit Festival was started in 2011 by Michael Arnstein, a lithe 39-year-old former ultra marathoner who had adopted a fruit-based diet three years earlier.Arnstein has credited his practice of eating almost entirely fruit (as much as 30 pounds a day, as he told the late magazine in 2012) to improving his eyesight, lowering his body fat and staving off illness.The way in which fruitarians live: practical ethical choices, environmentally-friendly and healthy behavior, fruitarian ways of daily living, forming relationships, and being active in societies.Fruitarian diet, based on fruits and seeds of plants, with other additions.

An enterotype is a classification of living organisms based on its bacteriological ecosystem in the gut microbiome.These chemicals help protect plants from germs, fungi, bugs, and other threats.Phytonutrients are not essential, but they may help prevent disease.Now Arnstein is a cornerstone figure in the world of fruitarianism, most often considered raw veganism at its most extreme, the kind of diet that makes hard-core paleo and vegan regimens seem like a fast food binge.While there’s no single way to be a fruitarian, generally the diet requires making 75 percent or more of your daily food intake raw fruit, which includes everything from acid fruits like citrus and pineapple, to sweet fruits like bananas to various dried fruit.

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