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More recently, Douthit was selected as a fellow at Harvard University's Hip-Hop Archive, where next semester he'll teach a course called "The Breaks" that charts the history of hip-hop dating back to the 1920's and looks at the importance of New York City's immigration patterns to the growth of the music worldwide.

"I live by the saying that 'chance favors the well-prepared,' " Douthit tells me by phone when explaining his approach to teaching.

CONTACT’s Prevention Education programs employ: multiple strategies for different ages; varied teaching methods to accommodate differences in learning styles; an adequate number of presentations to allow participants time to integrate new information and behaviors; models that are supported by current research; sensitivity to developmental, socio-economic and cultural issues; meaningful program evaluation; and presenters who are competent, trained and sensitive to the issue and their audience.

Thoughtful, well-planned prevention programs that are chosen for their effectiveness and ability to speak to diverse populations will enable us to reach our ultimate goal: no more victims of sexual violence.

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Industrial’s cybernetic fusions of organic instrumentation and machinery, rave’s dayglo futurism or, more recently, synthwave’s re-imagining of 80’s kitsch and the video store synths of Vangelis and John Carpenter might be more obvious candidates for the ‘cyberpunk music’ title.

In recent years, however, sronger links have emerged between these once disparate movements. and even in an artist as well known in the mainstream as Kanye West’s adoption of cyberpunk visual tropes in the video for .

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    She also said that, to her knowledge, none of her students had been molested by him.

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