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At the edge of the cone base, think of the visible light spectrum (preceeding page), cut from the page and pasted into a circle with shading added to smooth the transition between the (now joined) red and magenta ends.

Brightness is measured in percent from black (0) to white (100), so it is 50% at the top edge of our cone illustration.

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If all primary RGB and CMY colors have maximum brightness, then what is it? Given an RGB-coded color with at least one component at 255, then no matter what the other two are, Brightness is 100. The color with highest wavelength, lowest frequency is red. Put into a real formula: The surprising thing here is the exact, mathematical relationship between HSB and RGB.

You can download a Filter from the Adobe website to convert RGB from and to HSB and HSL. It is just the same color space as RGB, but differently numbered.

However, it is not possible to read out HSL values in the Info panel or set HSL sliders in the Color panel. One important observation that I have to make is that one cannot create an image file in HSB color mode. In an image color coded in any way, we can read out the HSB values. Because no image coded in HSB can exist, we cannot perform the usual adjustments (levels, curves etc.) on HSB components.

When creating a new file, one can choose from one of RGB, CMYK, LAB, Grayscale and Bitmap. We can also choose a color by setting certain HSB values. So not only does HSB give us the option to change luminance while keeping the same color, it also enables us to change hue without touching saturation and vice versa. We cannot simply manipulate the "S" to change the saturation of an image. It appears that HSB = 0,0,100 which cannot be a surprise either. Without further explanation I can state that RGB 128,128,128 translates to HSB 0,0,50.

Remember that RGB 127,127,127 mapped on brightness 50. How the colors are divided over the circle is the subject of a simple exercise. HSB values can be derived from RGB values with simple mathematical formulas.

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