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Up until he confirmed his shocking relationship with a longtime fan, all we knew of Jake’s dating life came from rumors.

Take a look at all the girls he supposedly hooked up before meeting his current sweetheart: 1.

She posted the photo on Twitter along telling him: "Your smile is so sweet @jtaustin." The actor, who is Puerto Rican descent and lists JLo as his "womancrushwednesday", followed his pretty fan the next day on Twitter where he has 3 million followers.

However, only one of those has managed to capture his heart.

Austin, on the red carpet in June, is dating a fan.

They met when the actress landed a guest role on as —- how cute is this —- the actor’s TV girlfriend!Danielle first contacted Jake in 2009, saying: "' You're amazing; sorry just thought you should know that :)".Then in 2012, the brunette managed to meet the object of her affections at Planet Hollywood in New York, where he posed for a photo with her.“I’m crazy for her,” the 21-year-old NYC native captioned the photo with a blue heart." data-reactid="29"Jake T.Austin, best known for his roles on TV’s The Fosters and Wizards of Waverly Place, is now dating one of his biggest fans.

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