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Are you looking for a Jewish dating site, or a Tinder-like app for Jewish people? This is the top mobile dating community and matchmaker for Jewish people.Join the Date Jewish community to meet local Jewish guys and girls of all sexual preferences in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, England, Israel, Brazil, German, French, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and elsewhere.“I was supposed to heal the world.” Then, in the early 1990s, when Logan’s parents signed her up for a pilot program that used peer education to promote condom use and prevent HIV/AIDS, Logan felt like she was really doing something important, something to start healing the world.“I have a voice, and that’s a privilege,” Logan says. We have lots and lots to learn from each other if we open the space in which we can talk about things that are usually uncomfortable or even taboo.

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For information about the North Shore event, please contact Stephanie Greenfield at [email protected]) “I grew up in a Zionist family,” Logan explains.

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Common to the human experience is the desire to bask in the sure and certain knowledge those who adhere to different practices have it much worse than we do.

Part of belonging to any group is the need to believe it’s the best of its kind, and that holds true even when the groups in question are different religions, or even sects within the same religion.

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