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In Hebrew School, they taught all of us little Jews that our people were God's "chosen people." They also taught us lots of other things, like how to read and write Hebrew, and which foods are kosher, but they didn't really do anything to prepare us for a lifetime of dating non-Jews.Probably because good Jewish kids are supposed to grow up and marry other good Jewish kids.And to be completely honest, we women can be complicated.So there is no guaranteed courting equation that can land you the woman of your dreams without fail, but you can still give it a solid fighting chance! It’s about feeding the woman you are falling for – or are simply dying to get a date with.This is not surprising since practical issues can seriously affect a couple, despite their feelings for each other.Consider that, presumably, 99.99% of couples who get married are "in love." Yet Children look to parents as their bedrock of love, support, and care.What they lack in stature, they make up for in good character and fun holidays.

When asked which she liked better, Christmas or Chanukah, one little girl responded, "Christmas but you promise you wont tell my daddy?

She had introduced me to her family and they like me and let me come to their house.

I however have kept her a "secret" from my very Jewish mother, and my girlfriend is now getting on me to tell my mom about her and even let her meet my mother.

Anne Hathaway, Drew Barrymore and now Rihanna better watch their backs.

They've been snatching all the quality Jewish men, and the Rebeccas and Rachels of the world (okay, maybe just Long Island) aren't going to have it.

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