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From soap star to veritable lesbian icon, Executive Producer and actress Maeve Quinlan’s on the cutting edge of scripted comedy with the hilarious and irreverent lesbian-themed Internet romp, 3Way. The craziness in his life seems worlds away from where you’re at. People have said they really like the show and have asked to be on.

Along with her former co-workers and best pals, Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt, Quinlan conceived of and created the sensation that has become 3Way, about a straight soap actress who moves her best gay girlfriend into her home only to be followed by an array of whacky lesbian characters. MQ: It was in another lifetime, a case of opposites attract. And then there’s the whole Ladycops thing with Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, you know, the show within a show.

Actually, Paula Carlin doesn’t even think of it in those terms. “Maeve is such a homophobe,” people were writing, not separating me from my character. LN: I read something on Wikipedia and when I saw it, I thought, “It must be wrong,” but I have to ask, since it seems like such an anomaly.

MQ: Christina and Liz worked with Nancylee on Nikki and Nora.

They went on to become the first lesbian couple to get married in San Francisco when they tied the knot in 2004.

They stayed married and completely in love until Del Martin died on August 27, 2008.

Although the Mean Girls star projects herself as a bisexual person, her public appearances with Samantha Ronson speak volumes about her love.

She may be best known for her role in the hit lesbian film And Then Came Lola.The main femme Ana (Lorena Romanin) finds herself under the spell of Laura (Sofia Wilhelmi) after a chance meeting. (seekingsimone.com) Behold the timeless story of Bonnie and…Connie?Best friends and literal partners in crime, Tyler (Michelle Lombardo) and Daisy (Lisa Rieffel) find themselves between a rock and a hard place when a gang war complicates their already edgy lifestyle.Just to save face, they are forced to take a dose of their own medicine: couple's therapy.If the premise alone doesn’t say “yikes,” the painfully awkward and heartrending moments of are certainly cringe-worthy, but they're cushioned by comic relief.

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