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She also teaches EU competition law, State aid and EU External relations in Riga Graduate School of Law.In addition to her competition practice, Julija regularly advises clients on employee rights in the event of transfer of undertakings, mobbing, sexual harassment and employee discrimination.Marriage agreement/ contract is signed and cancelled after a year. Salary is around €1,500 to €2,000 per month, besides all money stays in your pocket as you do not have to pay for anything (unlike other workers who spend about half of their salary on room, rent, transport etc)," the replying email stated.Last year GNIB found that 500 of 3,000 applications by non-Irish married couples to live here were from failed asylum seekers and that a significant number of others involved arranged marriages with young women from the Baltic states who had replied to the adverts.With this the Indian guy may stay in the territory of Ireland legally because he has registered his marriage with EU citizen. "It does not cost anything for the person who is helping, also stamps are not put in passports any more, passport stays clean. At present it is a rather popular thing in Ireland (also in other countries eg England, Switzerland and others." the reply said.Then this marriage is registered in local Irish computer, not in Latvian register. "Living conditions are the following -- living in apartments that are shared with other workers.The LK forum keeps their eyes on the doings of the eagle owls.

"A fictitious marriage is registered, it is a marriage on paper.

In the Latvian nest no permanent new inhabitants have appeared as yet but forest species can often be heard calling there (the nest is on the outskirts of an old forest).

The breeding territory of eagle owls in Kurzeme (Courland) in Latvia is known since 1998.

Gardai also found that 400 of the applications to reside in Ireland based on marriage to an EU citizen were from Pakistanis.

In connection with the joint activities of Estonia and Latvia (ESTLAT Eagles Cross Borders) this year we maintain a white-tailed eagle camera in Estonia (Linda and Sulev’s nest) and have installed a new camera with all necessary appendages in Latvia, in the Kolka peninsula in the Talsi district.

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