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The album garnered positive reviews from critics, most of whom praised the vigorous sexual-lyrics most have become accustomed to from Trina.

However multiple critics showed disregard for some of the album's mid-tempo tracks as attempts to recapture the success of "Here We Go".

He has received dozens of accolades, including his first Grammy for Best Rap Album, and introduced the phrase “YOLO” into the pop culture lexicon.

Did we mention he’s achieved all of this by the age of 27?

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He is a massively successful rap artist who is very open about his love affairs and sexual desires.He was born in the year 1982 on 27th of September and this makes his age 33 at this time.At this age, he has already given so many hit albums and songs and the race are still on to become the hottest rapping property in the industry.He went to a school called Eleanor Mc Main Secondary School for his education and later he moved to a high school called Marion Abramson Senior High School.He has released so many albums till now and maximum of them have been very successful.

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