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BEIRUT — Jad sits on a couch in the lobby of a hotel in Maameltein, Lebanon. Every so often, an attractive, young, Slavic-looking woman walks over, and he opens the notebook so she can sign her name.The air is thick with stale cigarette smoke, and the mirror-lined walls are smeared and cracked. "I have to make sure they sign out before leaving the hotel," says Jad, whose name has been changed.As such, I don't have much influence over the advertisements itself, other than it shouldn't be pornographic and it shouldn't be unsuitable for minors. I can only hope that most of the visitors to these articles were drawn by search engines and accidentally stumbled upon my website.For the rest, it's up to Google to provide relevant advertisement, enough so for visitors to click on them. Still, it shows that the old adagium of sex sells, is very well alive in cyberspace.Create your photo profile and immediately start interacting with Arab singles from around the world looking for serious relationships and marriage.As a leading Arab matrimonial site, offers you excellent search and communication features so make the most of it and find your dream partner today! Although the women come voluntarily, it’s not clear how many of them understand what their job will actually entail.

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This is based on my friendship with many, even though I did not marry them.

I lived in Boston and New York and there are is reasonably large Lebanese community.

Owners import women, usually from Eastern Europe or Morocco, to work in their clubs under an "artist" visa.

It’s understood, however, that "artist" is really just a euphemism for "prostitute." Lebanese law stipulates that these women can enter the country only after signing an employment contract, which has to be approved by the Directorate of General Security.

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