Miley admits to dating nick jonas

Talking to magazine, Jonas opens up about life after the famous purity rings and his relationships before meeting now-girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

Participating in a Q&A with the mag, Jonas reveals that he could and "probably" has dated musicians that don't like or listen to his music.

In her book "Miles to Go," published last year, she called Jonas her "Prince Charming." But the Lisbon concert wouldn't be the first time the exes have used music to address their on-again, off-again relationship.

In 2008, Cyrus released the breakup track "7 Things." The video's director, Brett Ratner, confirmed fans' suspicions about the song's intended target, when he noted that a piece of jewelry Miley wore in the clip was a gift from Nick.

In a 2008 interview with Seventeen magazine, Cyrus opened up, confirming their relationship — and their breakup.It's a personal story," Cyrus can be heard telling the crowd in a video posted online."Surprise, surprise, it's about a Jonas brother," she smiled."Since [the breakup], I've realized that I've met so many great guys, but I like being the girl nobody can have," she added. "Maybe he'll be my best friend for the rest of my life," she speculated, "or maybe I'll end up marrying Nick Jonas!" Do you think Miley and Nick might have been a bit young to know what love is?

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