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Having also started numerous internet and mobile-related companies, Wade has established himself as an online dating entrepreneur.Before diving headfirst into the realm of online matchmaking, Wade served as a management consultant with Booz Allen, and held several executive roles at Fortune 500 companies—including General Electric and Microsoft. If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll enjoy the ability to search, find, and meet adventure-loving singles. Miss Travel is 100% FREE for both men and women to join.Whether you’re a frequent flyer or first-time traveler, we’ll locate your perfect match.It’s safe to assume that as a Miss Travel member, you’re on-the-go.

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The only problem is that I love my boyfriend with all of my heart and I would love to marry him one day in the future. It sounds like you’re just having a case of relationship blues – and by that I mean you’re getting a little restless.I look forward to getting married in a year or two when we are at the right stage. It's so normal that advice on how to "spice things up" abounds.BUT from time to time I get this hunger for the single life - I really miss the highs and lows of dating someone, getting to know someone new, being flirty, etc. People generally value familiarity and stability while also valuing novelty and change.Our goal is to match all travel lovers who wish to share the sites of the world with someone special. Female members are able to message within our client cost-free.

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