My dad dating again

I know it's been almost two years since my dad died, but i can't help but feel slightly wounded.

My mom talks to me about how happy she is with her new boyfriend and i love seeing her happy after the way my dad was taken ill and the way he died, but i can't help but feel upset and annoyed that the happiness she's talking about isnt with her and my dad.

Early last year she asked me if I could help 'find her knight in shining armour'.

A good friend of mine lost both her parents to cancer when she was still quite young.

He’s not depressed or reclusive, but he doesn’t want to date.

But my aunt keeps asking, and it’s very uncomfortable for me.

This was certainly an admirable thing to do, but I think an unforeseen consequence may be that you have not seen to caring for yourself.

All of this to say, that you may have shortchanged yourself out of your own time to grieve for your mother.

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