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Although 18 is the age of consent in both AZ and CA, there was no physical contact between you and it would not fall under either statute governing statutory rape.Even if it did, it is a defense in AZ that the defendant did not know and could not reasonably know the age of the victim.It is unlikely that you would be subject to criminal charges in the circumstances you describe.There is no way to verify if any of the information she offered is true.“For nearly two years, this man sat in front of his home computer and orchestrated a scheme that terrorized hundreds of young people across this country,” Hogsett said.“It is our hope that today’s sentencing serves not just as a deterrent to criminals but also as a warning to Hoosier families as to the dangers that can lurk on these anonymous chat websites.” In pleading guilty, Finkbiner admitted to using the Internet to prey upon children and teens from across the country, in locations that stretched from Avon, Indiana to Anchorage, Alaska.From New Zealand to India, people are chatting on sites like Omegle and from the United States to France and even Germany, girls are meeting new guys online.

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Allen Fox, co-founder of Chatrandom, said: ‘We have moderators 24/7 that tirelessly work to shut down and ban anyone who looks or describes themselves as being underage.

To enter, users simply have to tick a box saying they are over 18 and they are instantly connected to a random stranger from anywhere in the world.

They can change conversation if they wish to chat to a different stranger.

Based on what she represented you can't know whether she was in fact 19 and only said she was 16 after the fact to scare you, or some other age.

Neither can you verify whether she was from Arizona as she stated.

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