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One of my favorite classes, the one I remember the most, was Algorithms.

I always told people my Algorithms class was the one part of my college education that influenced me most as a programmer. Not just fixed time, either, but literally one instantaneous step, . I always suspected that programmers became programmers because they got to play God with the little universe boxes on their desks.

The reason it's a minor and not a major is because to major in CS at UVa you had to go through the Engineering School, and I was absolutely not cut out for that kind of hardcore math and physics, to put it mildly.

My dating motto in recent years — and especially now — is this: “If it ain’t woke, don’t fuck it.”The problem lies in actually finding these unicorns.As if the steps to dismantling white supremacist patriarchy are just suggestions that we can pick and choose from, like frozen yogurt toppings.I will not be reaching across that divide, and I’m certainly not gonna do it in the bedroom.I wasn't sure exactly why, but a few years ago I had a hunch so I looked up a certain CV and realized that Randy Pausch – yes, the Randy Pausch – taught that class. Pausch was an incredible, charismatic teacher, a testament to the old adage that your should choose your teacher first and the class material second, if you bother to at all. In this case, the combination of great teacher and great topic was extra potent, as algorithms are central to what programmers do. Randy Pausch took that conceit and turned it into a really useful way of setting boundaries and asking yourself hard questions about what you're doing and why.The timing is perfect: University of Virginia, Fall 1991, CS461 Analysis of Algorithms, 50 students. Not that we invent new algorithms, but we need to understand the code that's out there, grok why it tends to be fast or slow due to the tradeoffs chosen, and choose the Well, when sorting a list, obviously God wouldn't bother with a stupid Bubble Sort or Quick Sort or Shell Sort like us mere mortals, God would just immediately place the items in the correct order. So when we set out to build a login dialog for Discourse, I went back to what I learned in my Algorithms class and asked myself: And the answer is, of course, God wouldn't bother to build a login dialog at all.

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