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class- A student (girl) recently had her tongue pierced.It was getting very badly infected and becoming more and more swollen- to the point that she could hardly swallow.To my surprise, I did agree with the information presented in most of the classes.Although the material contained very few ‘revelations’ for me, I felt that it was well organized and clearly communicated.Apparently, the daith piercing – which sits in a crook of cartilage just behind your tragus – can help people who suffer from regular migraines and headaches.

Dr Thomas Cohn, an interventional pain doctor, wrote about the phenomenon back in March: ‘Recently, some people who have received a daith piercing have coincidentally found improvement with their migraine headaches.INTRODUCTION This past week has created for me a new awareness about many things.I attended the annual APP (Association of Professional Piercers) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada for my first time.Well, there are pubic lice, and I suppose that's what the writer was referring to, but I can't imagine they'd live long in the mouth.But I see a much bigger problem with the physics here. and then a pimple formed on her face and she popped it and hunbdreds of tiny spiders came scurrying out.

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