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But initial skepticism of the source material aside, perhaps Silver’s theory of Earth-as-a-prison stands on its own?There’s a decent amount of people who think there’s a case to be made for the theory, including Alex Jones, who went so far as to name his website after it.PASADENA, CA—In hopes of better understanding a phenomenon that has vexed researchers for decades, hundreds of theoretical scientists have assembled at the California Institute of Technology for the 35th annual symposium on how gas nozzles know when a car’s tank is full, sources said Thursday.MILWAUKEE—Calling it a huge opportunity to tap into a market that has traditionally been neglected by motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson announced Thursday a new line of motorcycles designed specifically for men.

In other cases, being sentenced to a prison planet is expected to be a one-way trip -- if convicted, you are landed there via shuttle, but you are never supposed to leave the planet's surface again. but on other occasions, the authorities just turn you loose in the woods and then let you fend for yourself, sink or swim!

(That last approach makes a bit more sense if no other spacefaring civilizations are known to exist, anywhere in the galaxy, and thus nobody back at headquarters is terribly worried about alien conquerors discovering, and then interrogating or recruiting, the prisoner population.) All of the above variations can qualify as "prison planets" for my purposes.

For that matter, since I'm asking where the concept began, I could even accept an old story which just had a few lines of dialogue referring to the But none of those characters had been dumped on those islands by government order after being convicted of felonies back in their homelands; they just suffered from sheer bad luck.

CHICAGO—Sprinting down the platform and frantically waving his arms, local man Dustin Sayer was reportedly running toward a departing train Wednesday because he must have finally realized he loves her.

CINCINNATI—Surprised to discover that the once-beloved job perk had lost its appeal over the years, local barber Mike Grossman told reporters Tuesday that he was no longer even that excited by bringing home free bags of hair at the end of the day.

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