Red hair dating

Until my male friend brought it up, I never considered the fact that my hair could be partly to blame."Red hair is usually a handicap, as far as I'm concerned," my divorced and dating friend Adam tells me over brunch.

"I mean, for you it's some kind of fashion statement or whatever, but to most guys it says that you're wild and ...

different.""Go on.""Well, when your hair is so vivid a color, it's kind of like a tattoo. They want understated and down-to-earth."He has a point.

It suggests an alternative lifestyle.""Alternative to boring! My personality seems big enough without the added Lucille Ball reference. My journey begins at Eva Scrivo's Bond Street salon, a welcoming space with very few men around.

I've always felt like a redhead, though I certainly wasn't born one.

In fact, I've been dyeing my once-mousy hair this crazy red shade — think Moira Shearer in The Red Shoes — for the past decade.

The term redhead (originally redd hede) has been in use since at least 1510.

An affinity to doubtful experiments and risk prevents them from making a good career. One always feels restless with these people, even if they are well-bred, intelligent and amiable.

Who wouldn’t date someone just because they have red hair? I think it’s really hot, especially when the hair is long. I can definitely see why my ancestors took such a liking to the celtic ladies. I strangely prefer girls who aren’t white and usually date different raced girls, but I also do love the look of red heads. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but in general I try to embrace my natural beauty. Bottom line is if I were you and had your naturally bright red hair I would just leave it natural all the time because its awesome.

@squishy, don’t sweat the haters….hair is no worse than anything else and as a a matter of fact I’ve met several gorgeous red-haired girls. As I have learned myself, don’t change or hide any part of yourself for other people or because you are worried about them being negative, it only serves to undermine your confidence and trouble your soul. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous redheads @anjelica, I had that problem, plus when red hair grows in its really noticeable, so you have to redye it constantly. But, alot of people shy away from it because it’s different. Well yours is pretty :) My roots are actually always dark brown and then it fades into light brown red. My best friend is a natural redhead (a more auburn than orange type) and she has pretty much attracted a bunch of freaks in her day. I love redheads, with their green eyes, freckles and fire crotches. @generaltitsvonchodehoffen, @anjelica, The word pasty is a gross word and should have never been invented ha. Until you start getting body fat – then tanning helps make you look healthier for some reason.

In a statement, said: “Our adverts reveal common perceived imperfections and quirks of Brits – these include freckles which some people who have them may see as an imperfection.

We think freckles are beautiful and our posters are designed to encourage everyone who has them to be proud.

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