Respecting and accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace

When you see the value and benefits of working with a diverse group of co-workers, you may become more respectful of diversity's contribution to your business.

Make an effort to get to know others in your office.

A healthy, diverse work environment respects and utilizes the unique characteristics of all employees.

Build Diversity into Core Culture To attract, retain and motivate high-performing employees, it is essential for organizations to develop a welcoming workplace that reflects the communities in which they serve.

The business should portray the cultural diversity aspect of the organization in the mission statement.

Though anti-discrimination laws are put in place to protect minorities at work, you may struggle with your own personal prejudices.

By Lindsay Macintosh, CHRP More organizations are wisely taking action to effectively manage an increasingly diverse workforce.

Managing diversity with a program that respects, recognizes and rewards all employees effectively is critical for organizations to sustain a competitive edge in today’s globalizing economy.

The fabric of today’s organizations is becoming increasingly diverse both in terms of their employees and the communities they serve.

Employees in today’s organizations encompass many individual attributes such as race, nationality, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability; they bring their unique capabilities, opinions and life experiences to work.

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