Rhian ramos dating kc montero

“I mean, hindi naman yung nagkikita kami sa work, tapos awkward—ayaw namin.

“Sometimes, even if you go through something difficult or as weird as a breakup, ang worth it talaga, yung person. But the 23-year-old actress consider it as a positive breakup, because, she said that there is nothing to blame and there is no reason to be upset.

She admitted that she wanted KC to be a friend that she can have around for a lifetime.

Mum About Why When asked about the reason for their split, the telenovela “Genesis” star simply said there’s no bad blood between them and it shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

In an interview, she has insisted that she has moved on but has still not forgiven her ex-boyfriend Mo Twister.

Ramos reiterated that it is not easy to forgive and forget because she was almost ruined by that issue.

Rhian Ramos says she has long forgotten the issue with ex-boyfriend Mo Twister and she's happy with her new relationship.

Since the two are still constantly seeing each other, Rhian stated that it was just something they decided together and not a “sawa problem,” meaning it was not a matter of getting tired of each other.

In the same interview, she did not actually mention Mo Twister’s name but it was clear that she was talking about him.

When asked if she is ready to face Mo Twister again, Ramos quickly asserted that it will never happen.

The two apparently already ended their relationship even before Typhoon Yolanda struck the country on November 8.

Rhian said she cannot remember anymore the exact date of the breakup.

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