Rihanna dating reggie bush

Conversely, when the target hair is colored to be darker than the base color it is known as lowlighting.In some cases, hair is highlighted and low-lighted in the same dimensional color process. For example, a blonde with a natural dark sandy base might be highlighted with light buttery blonde highlights, low-lighted with complementary caramels and punched up with a few strands of cherry or ruby red. When just a very subtle highlight, lowlight or color change is desired it is referred to by some hair color experts as twilights.The two actually wed in London in June after reportedly linking up in May. They haven’t had a relationship of sorts, but more of a fun fling.Soon after ending her violent relationship with Chris Brown after that domestic violence incident in February 2009, just a few months later, Ri Ri was canoodling with Drake. Initially, he was “troubled” by being her rebound guy (see his song “Fireworks”) but now…he knows what the deal is.There are many reasons why hair consumers want to change their natural hair color.The reasons can range from wanting a new look to being bored with their natural color to wanting to cover gray.Highlighting involves the systemic selection of specific strands in pre-defined locations on the head and then applying a chemical formulation that results in either lightening or darkening the target strands a number of levels.

Surprisingly, what many considered a fling with artist Marco Perego turned into a marriage.

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