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She claims that she was named "Elliot" because her parents expected a boy. She has a cousin named Layla who is a "fatty-fatty-fatty".Elliot has 4 brothers who are all doctors, but only 2 are known: Barry who is gay, and Bradley. Her second year at Sacred Heart, Elliot refused to follow the specialty her father desired, and he cut her off financially. Kelso that she refuses to follow typical female doctors who end up in family practice or as maternity doctors., a film about the true history of 533 reels of film (representing 372 titles) dating from the 1910s to 1920s lost for more than 50 years until being discovered buried in a sub-arctic swimming pool in the Yukon Territory.Bill Morrison’s film uses the silent movies and newsreels to tell the unique history of a Canadian gold rush town and how cinema, capitalism and history intersect.Sigur Rós and Captain Fantastic composer Alex Somers did the music.

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Then, add a bunch of chocolate chips (I love the Ghirardelli dark 60% chocolate chips), and then walnuts (optional). My favorite thing is to put chopped cauliflower on a pan, douse it in olive oil, season it with bunch of turmeric, and bake it." You feel the most in your domain when you're: "Making tea, coffee, lattes for people. If I hadn't become an actor, I would have been a barista." The secret thing you do when no one is watching is: "Eating a spoonful of peanut butter out of the jar and sprinkling a couple of chocolate chips on it." The most treasured item you own is: "My grandmother's necklace.

To get personal, Chalke let us in on what her life is really like when the cameras stop rolling. At any given moment, there’s something ridiculously yummy baking in the oven. There's kid art all over the walls—usually a minimum of eight people are there and therefore a good story, debate, or conversation." If I could live anywhere in the world it would be: "France.

Think of it as a theoretical tour of her home, from a walk through her bedroom (where she shares a few fun natural beauty tips) to the nursery (we picked up some advice for balancing a successful career with motherhood inside) to the kitchen (where we jotted down one of her favorite delicious recipes). I grew up speaking French—I was in French immersion.

, but her life at home is about as normal, and loving, as it gets.

The doting mother to son, Charlie, and daughter, Frankie, clearly has no problem prioritizing parenting (she loves snuggling before bed and bathtime most) over stardom, and she likes to unwind with red wine and a warm bath (we like her style). " The first thing you do when you get home is: "Let the dogs out, put on sweatpants, and make some tea." My favorite place in the world is: "My sister's kitchen.

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