Sedating bassett hounds

Studies have shown that if it were somehow possible to extract all the wayward telegrams from the bodies of Basset Hounds around the world, then somehow translate the telegrams to a readable text, all the answers of the universe would be revealed. Your sofa won’t be in all that great a shape, either. Note: My dogs and I have retired from the exciting field of basset-hound reproduction. Want your dog to have his/her own web page like the ones listed to the right?Don't bother mailing me, asking when the next litter's due - there's not going to be one. John Bradley May 2006 not "selling puppies over the Internet", a practice I personally find abhorent. Please don't ask me to "mail you puppy" to California or some such, because it's not going to happen. Please mail me your photos - I'll be happy to return them after I've scanned them. Floppyface Litter #5 Milo Jeepers Creepers Main Line April Mae Selby's O'Barney Boy Litter #6 Litter #7 Litter #8 Litter #9 Litter #10 Litter #11 Huge 'All Pics' Page opinions on the subject.Anyone who actually wants one of these semi-delightful critters is obligated to come to my house (in 'beautiful' Bryn Mawr, PA) and interact with the puppies (and me) personally. Got any personal web sites you'd like me to link to? My Dogs Chumly Bob Dawg Samantha A'Pooch Litter #1 Bob Chloe Holly Happy Hound Maxine Litter #2 Eddie Einstein Elvis Scooby Dawg Floyd Otis Litter #3 Barbara Big Catch Diamond Dakota Dooley Diamond Tuff Tanner Hollywood Kielbasa Miss Cassie of County Line Rudolph Alvin L'Achey Roscoe P. But you're here now, so you get my opinions - free of charge! She's also quite possibly as dense as a bag of hammers; it's hard to tell whether a basset is stupid, or merely obstinate.

They're ideal for more sedate people because bassets take it slow and don't need brisk walks.

They seem quite content to follow you to wherever you're going, and then once it looks like you're going to stay put, they'll just go to sleep.

ot everyone wants their furry friends to be full of energy.

For example, first thing in the morning when he wakes up, when you arrive home from work, and before you go to bed.

• Praise your dog lavishly every time he eliminates outdoors. You must praise him and give him a treat immediately after he has finished and not wait until after he comes back inside the house.

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