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A thick hymen can be successfully removed by doing a simple operation if manual stretching does not work.

The use of a lubricating gel and manually stretching the entrance to the vagina may help to reduce the discomfort you now experience.

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I feel like something is wrong with me, and my husband is getting frustrated. Congratulations on your recent marriage, but I am sorry to learn of the difficulties you are experiencing with attempting to start sexual activity.

The problem you're having may be either physical or mental.

And there is nothing you can do to stop a man from cheating on you if he has made up his mind to do so. Forty-one-year-old Georgina S said after 13 years, her husband cheated, and nothing she said or did seemed to make a difference."I know for sure that no matter how loyal you are, if he wants to cheat he will cheat," Georgina said. And one day he looked at me and told me that he wished I would cheat even once just so I would understand why he does it.""Very simply put, men cheat because they can," clinical psychologist Ashlei Mc Farlane said. He may cheat because he feels dissatisfied with the relationship. A man might not have a personality prone to cheating, and might be in a perfectly happy relationship, but something about his environment puts him at risk for infidelity," Mc Farlane said.

"Of course, not all men cheat, so I am speaking only of the subset that actually do."Mc Farlane said researchers have identified the following as some reasons why men cheat:1. Men are more likely than women to commit infidelity, largely because men have more testosterone, which is one of the fuels for sex drive. This can be because of lack of sexual desires being fulfilled, spouse unavailability due to work, school or family commitments."A lot of men complain of feeling left out after the birth of a child, for example, and long to be the centre of attention again," Mc Farlane said.3. "Alcohol is known to lower one's inhibitions, so a few drinks coupled with being alone in an intimate setting, say, after work with a co-worker, can lead to cheating.

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