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Bob Diachenko, a security researcher with Mac Keeper Security Research Center, told NBC News on Tuesday the leak was caused by a misconfigured Rsync backup server hosted by i Health, a Louisville, Kentucky-based company that offers records management technology.

Another turned to social media, where “I’ve been able to message random hot girls on facebook (0 mutual friends) and infect (usually become friends with them too); with the right words anything is possible.”Of course, locating the ethical dilemma in the RAT tools would be to miss the point — the same technology is used to trace stolen laptops, and has the potential to be used to monitor corporate and institutional malfeasance.They said it was revenge for cutting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's internet. However, the report said experts doubt the group was in fact behind the attack, saying in the past both groups falsely claims responsibility for cyber attacks.Ecuador on Tuesday acknowledged it had restricted internet access for Assange, who has lived in its London embassy since mid-2012, over the publication of hacked emails linked to U. Wikileaks responded with a tweet requesting their supports to cease the attack. Assange is still alive and Wiki Leaks is still publishing.Medical records of at least 7,000 people compromised in a data breach involving Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center in New York disclosed patients' mental health and medical diagnoses, HIV statuses and sexual assault and domestic violence reports, according to records reviewed by NBC News.Other information in the compromised records, which online security experts said spanned 2014 to 2017, included names, home addresses, addiction histories and religious affiliations.

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